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Sewing Ideas Towards Best Fit
Sewing clothing items whether for yourself, a toddler, teen, mature figure, hard-to-fit body contours or challenging physical circumstances, you have the opportunity, finally, to have some say in how the finished garment is going to fit the body.

Easy To Sew Capes, Ponchos, Wraps
The graceful flowing lines of a cape with its easy hairstyle–saving drape-around form, quick pull-over-the-head poncho or unstructured wrap/shawl styles become chic outerwear when you sew them from this season’s luxurious fleece, wools and wool-blends. Winter weather is nearly here!

Gingerbread House to Sew
The delightful gingerbread house cookie confection made from flour, spices and honey or molasses is a timeless classic. Sew a three dimensional one out of fabric, batting and a few trims to hang on the holiday tree as an ornament.

Draft Stoppers for Door or Window
As autumn will surely make its majestic last stand giving way to the chill of oncoming winter a draft stopper or draft excluder can ward off the chilly air that can seep under all but the tightest weather-resistant doors. Draft stoppers are super easy to sew using just a few straight seams.

Holiday Napkins and Table Runners
Handmade sew or no-sew napkins and table runners are easy time-saving ways to brighten a holiday table. Handmade items evoke the skills of old-world crafters who often made something beautiful from the simplest materials.

Scented Holiday Projects
With the slow advance of cold weather and anticipating fall/winter holidays ahead sewers may be considering what gifts to sew or new ornaments for the holiday tree. There are easy scrap fabric projects to sew for sure however why not make them memorable with the added aromatic scents of the season?

Sewing's Past Connected to Modern Computing
A woven fabric popular in the early 1800s known today as jacquard would precipitate the Industrial Revolution and by extension our modern computer industry. The idea that detailed information could be stored by punching holes on a paper card would lead to the beginning of mainframe computers.

Halloween Sewing Projects
The brilliant colors associated with autumn are a visual feast, the hint of a cool breeze rustling newly fallen leaves across the ground a familiar sound and the urgency of birds, squirrels and other creatures following ancient prodding to prepare for change all combine into a seasonal siren’s song.

Sewing Machine Thread Jams
It happens to all machine sewers - you're sewing a seam and all of a sudden your machine seems to stop advancing and jam just at the machine's throat plate. You find your needle and bobbin threads in a knotted bunch under the fabric seam at the presser foot location. Probable cause and solutions!

Easy Halloween Costumes for Kids
Dressing up in costume for Halloween remains an enduring childhood tradition. Something quick and easy to sew or no-sew is often a must for busy households. Costumes for children should be easy to make and comfortable to wear with safety concerns and face mask wearing utmost.

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